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Welcome to Grepolis resources. We dedicate ourselfes to get you the most out of Grepolis by accumulating all information we can find about the game on the net.
In this free browser based online game, it is your task to build up your small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek Pantheon: Zeus, Hera, Athena or Poseidon's, their favor could be essential in your victory or defeat.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farming Guide

This grepolis guide comes from our friends at

Don't rely on resource production of your cities, do excessive farming instead. this is how most resources should come from in Grepolis.

Each farming village can ultimately give you 6000 in resources each time. The mood needs to be over 75% for your looting attack (or 60% if you have researched diplomacy). You need to increase the strength to 100% before the looting attack.

By default strength is 50% and if it's not it always tends to 50%. Strength can only increase by up to 15% each time no matter how many troops you send, and each single unit that takes 1 farm space increase the strength by 0,2%. So for 1% you need 5 single units. When I say single I mean swordman, slinger, archer or hoplite; the rest aren't single.

Example: Let's say you only got swordmen, slingers and archers and the strength of a farming village is 50%. you must send some fast units to increase strength at first. send 3 increase strength attacks of 75 slingers each and a 4th one with 25 slingers. that will increase strength to 100%. at the same time send 250 archers for the looting attack to get the max resources possible. alternatively you can send 375 swordmen. don't use hoplites to farm with.
if you have booty researched you only need to send 200 archers for the looting attack (or 300 swordmen).

Being Attacked Guide

This grepolis guide comes from our friends at

If you're getting attacked in grepolis, there are two choices for you. One is to defend what you'll be hit with and the other is to dodge; by dodge I mean to empty your city and let the enemy hit thin air. This can tricky in case the attack is a take over attempt though, but I'll analyze that later.

First steps to take:
- spend all your resources and store remaining resources in your market
- get out your militia (enlist) and research city guard
- use any divine spells to weaken your enemy

What can the gods do for you?
Depending on which gods you're worshiping, first thing you can do is to use Athena's wisdom on the incoming attack and know what's coming your way. Knowledge is power.

Next thing you can do is to cast Poseidon's Sea Storm on the incoming attack to destroy 10-30% of the troops (naval, but would hurt land troops if the attack is coming by sea). In similar manner you can cast Zeus' Rage to kill 10-30% of the land troops (either coming by land or on the ships). You can also cast Hera's Desire if you're certain the attack involves land troops.

OK, let's talk about a single attack at first.
Use any gods you've got on your side as explained above. Then it's time to decide whether you'll be taking the hit or not. If you think you have plenty of defensive units to withstand the hit and would love some battle points, then stay and take it.

Otherwise, dodge! This means sending all of your troops to support a nearby city (friendly one if possible) until the attack has passed... and if you want to annoy the attacker, make sure you enlist your militia; that way you'll get a few battle points in case the attack involves land troops and he'll get nothing for killing that.

If you're dodging you'd want to hide all non hiden resources, so the attacker will really hit thin air and have his feelings hurt by getting no loot on top of that. So, make some orders in the senate (preferably level up and max out that city wall) and the rest put on the market place. That will piss off anybody.

What if the incoming attack is not an attack, but attacks though.
Well, don't panic or you'll be making one stupid mistake after another. Now that you're calm (at least you're trying to be), you might want to consider what if some of those attacks is a take over attempt. Many players tend to send support that should arrive after such attack, so you would easily know. Another trick to know when to expect a take over attempt is when the attack is taking too many hours to reach, while the enemy is having other attacks hitting your city much earlier.

The key point here is to be careful when dodging a take over attempt, because if you dodge and don't call your troops back before the siege begins then you'll have no control over those troops.
Alright, having said that, there's another key point when you're facing multiple attacks. Some players are being arrogant... ignorant even, maybe they underestimate you. And what do they do? They send naval attacks at first and the land attacks later (with a few minutes difference).

What's so stupid about that you might ask. Well, they usually don't bother to send any offensive navy with the land attack, in fact they usually don't send any navy at all because they're certain their first naval attack/s should have cleared your navy. OK, here's your chance to make them pay.

Given that you know the exact times of the incoming attacks, you can time in between and have a bireme or lightship ready before the final attack (let's suppose that'd be the land-troops-only one). You will have all the units killed of course, because your single lightship/bireme will sink all transports. Ouch!

Ideal City Defense

This grepolis guide comes from our friends at

"If you can't defend your city, you will lose it."

As simple as that. But there's another factor in grepolis... our alliance! If there's a member in need for support we have to be able to help, because there's no better luck in being able to help others!

Here's a recommended defensive oriented yet all-around city, as far as troops are concerned:
90 biremes - 10 fire ships - 600 sword men - 200 archers - 100 hoplites
Especially the amount of biremes is strongly advised to be around this number, because navy is the first line of defense and usually the last. If you have strong navy in terms of defense, the enemy may never be able to reach land and thus his transported land units will be drown in vain. It's also advised because we should keep this kind of biremes "stock" in case one of us needs immediate support.

Regarding the buildings now, I personally recommend to go for a Tower (right side of unique buildings) and for Baths (left side). Tower affects navy, so it's a great building to have for defense. Baths give 10% extra farm spaces (that's 300 if your farm level is maxed out at 40), so that means more troops for you! Maxing out your City Wall at level 25 is simply a must!!

Needless to add that you must keep your cave as full as possible, as this is your first line of defence!! If the enemy can't find out what's in your city it's unlikely he will attack.

Efficient Spying and AntiSpying

This guide comes from our friends at

The cave is maybe the most underestimated factor in this game. A lot of players don't bother filling up their caves with silver; I guess they are either ignorant of what's it all about or they believe that having some minimum silver will be secure enough.

I suggest you keep your caves full. Persistent players will not back off if their first three spy attempts come back unsuccessful. For example I had to spend 20k silver in over 10 spy attempts to get a successful report. Fearing that someone will be more persistent than me, I've got more than 50k silver in one of my caves now.

Send your spies with 1101 silver each time. Why? Because the minimal cave defense is 1000, but if someone is a bit clever he will have 1050, if he's a bit more clever he'll have 1100. Well, if he's really clever you'd need to send dozens of spies carrying those 1101 lol
But yeah, keep sending your spies in small silver packs for efficiency.

Always Escort with Navy

This guide comes from our friends at

The First steps to attacking someone who is not on your Island.

You need lightships, they are probably the most important weapon u have, u need to destroy the enemy's navy (very important). Once he has no navy then and only then you can attack his city with offencive land troops,

You can not attack with land troops till his navy is destroyed or your land forces will be sank at sea and u will lose them without doing the enemy damage.

Still NEVER EVER send land troops without enough lightships to escort them. Also researching breakthrough can maximize the number of troops getting into land.

Grepolis beginners guides on the wiki

There are three beginners guides on the Grepolis wiki, we suggest you read them all, but most importantly read the beginners guide 2.

Reason for this guide as stated:
"This guide is intended to help you during the first month of Polis-building. It will help you avoid many of the mistakes that first time players (and long-time TribalWars players) tend to make early in the game." - Caligula

Summary of strategy
  1. Get ready to build troops
  2. Farm early, farm often
  3. Farm seriously
  4. Beginner protection ends
I'm testing this strategy right now, so far it seems to work, even though I'm focussing on building troops, I still have the most points on my island.


Welcome to Grepolis resources. We dedicate ourselfes to get you the most out of Grepolis by accumulating all information we can find about the game on the net.